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‘Gateway to the Galtees’


The Protestant report of 1731 states that there was a Mass House in Kilbehenny in 1727.


This building was situated in Knockrour, and was replaced in the 1820’s by a new and more elaborate church built down by the roadside by a Fr. Kirby who was parish priest at the time.


It  served as a church for fifty years and later as a school until 1941 and as a community hall until 1974 when it was demolished and three houses were built on the site.


Beside the church ruins lies the Old Graveyard where many graves date back over 300 years.


Old Graveyard

As can be seen from this photograph, the engravings are especially detailed, and much of the work was carried out with a simple hammer and chisel.


Local people who became involved in deciphering details on the old graves, under the guidance of Amanda Slattery, Ballyhoura

Resting place of John Mandeville