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‘Gateway to the Galtees’

Trooper Pat Mullins

Fifty years after his death, 15th September 2011, a monument to Kilbehenny solider, Trooper Pat Mullins, was unveiled outside the church in his home village.


Trooper Mullins, then aged 18 and his friend and comrade, Corporal Michael Nolan from Fermoy, were both killed when their armoured car was ambushed in Katango during the Congo campaign in 1961.


Trooper Mullins courageously tried to defend his badly wounded colleague, Corporal Nolan. Sadly his body was never recovered.


The Irish Defence Forces and the Irish United Nations Veterans Association commissioned a limestone monument to his memory.


This was erected beside Kilbehenny Church in Trooper Mullins' native South Limerick village to mark the exact day, fifty years ago, when the young soldier was killed.


His sisters and brothers attended the moving ceremony. Also in attendance were Alan Shatter, Minister for Justice and Defence,  bishop Dermot Clifford, and many other dignitaries, and his surviving comrades from the UN Peacekeepers of that time.


Wreath laying ceremony by family members 15th September 2011

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