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‘Gateway to the Galtees’

The Community Employment Scheme is of great benefit to both Kilbehenny and Anglesboro communities.

There are 14 participants presently employed.



The objective of the C.E. Scheme is to provide opportunities for individual training and personal development, and ultimately to help participants gain employment in the workforce.


The participants play a major role in the upkeep of Kilbehenny and Anglesboro villages.


New era in Community Employment schemes


On Monday, August 24th, nine directors, three supervisors and over forty participants

made their way to the Day Care Centre in Ballylanders for the

official launch of a new employment scheme, performed by Francis Hayes

from the Department of Social Protection, Limerick.


The initiative,known as the Coislea Community Employment Company, is the result of the a

malgamation of the Ballylanders, Kilbehenny and Galbally schemes,

and also includes the Anglesboro and Knockarron areas.


We are fortunate to have 14 excellent employees in this scheme, maintaining the grounds of the Catholic church, the old and new Graveyards, and generally keeping the community centre looking well.



Community Employment Scheme

now known as:

Coislea Employment Company     

Billy Roche, an expert in all things nature, and a true gentleman in every sense of the word, took a wonderful interest in Kilbehenny and is responsible for a huge amount of work done in the locality.

John Power, Bill Allen, Billy Roche, John Joe Brophy

Condon’s Corner, a beautiful picnic area, maintained by  the employees.