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‘Gateway to the Galtees’

St. Joseph's, was built between the years 1872 and 1874.


The limestone used to build the church was sourced from the local quarry, situated behind The Three Counties Bar.


The parish priest in charge of the building at that time was Rev. Joseph Ryan.

It was designed by Mr. Creedon, an architect from Fermoy.

In the early years, the church had only a mud floor and had very little seating. Only the wealthier families, who could afford to buy their own seats, could be seated.

There are five stained glass windows in Kilbehenny Church on each side of the sanctuary.

Each of the ten windows portray a figure of the Catholic Church: Jesus, Mary, St. Patrick, St. Columba, St. Brigid, and the four evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

The tenth window on the right as one enters the sanctuary, commemorates

St. Ita, dressed in a purple and emerald robe with a blue headpiece.


St. Joseph’s Church Kilbehenny  


Parish Priest   -  Fr. Richard Kelly   +353 25  24040