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‘Gateway to the Galtees’

Kilbehenny I C A





On 6th October 1977 the Kilbehenny guild of the I.C.A. was formed under the leadership of the following officers:

President: Mary O’Brien;  Secretary: Mary Casey; Treasurer: Mary Kelly.


Kilbehenny Branch was affiliated to the Limerick Federation. 

I.C.A. nationally was instrumental in having Breast Check rolled out around the country.

We were affiliated to Limerick Federation on the 6th October 1977 - one year after the community hall opened.   


44 years is a wonderful milestone for us here in Kilbehenny as we are a relatively small guild.  It has been our aim to provide companionship and friendship to all our members down through the years.


ICA is as strong in Kilbehenny today as it was way back in 1977 when  first established.

As a group of ladies, we offer companionship and friendship to each other

while educating ourselves along the way.


Over the years we have had many and varied guests, all very interesting.

Health issues are a big concern with our guild and we have had various information evenings regarding women's health.


In keeping with the ethos of ICA, our guild are very enthusiastic when it comes to crafts. We have established a knitting / crochet club in our community hall where everybody helps everybody.


Fundraising is a big part of our guild's activities and each year we subscribe to

Milford Hospice, Adapt House and NBCRI.   



One of the highlights of our year in I.C.A. is our annual 4 day tour and this year we have decided to grace Galway with our presence.


We have a group of 50 who travel each year.


We hold our annual Mass for deceased members of our own guild and deceased members nationally - after all we owe these wonderful women an enormous debt of gratitude.

We are proud to be I.C.A. Members

and we thank those wonderful women back in 1910 in Bree, Co.Wexford

who had the courage and determination to make women's voices heard in Ireland.


We meet on 2nd Tuesday monthly at 8pm in Kilbehenny Community Centre.


We also meet on 3rd Tuesday monthly at 8pm where we share our skills and indeed,learn some,


Knitting, Sewing, Crochet.


There’s always a cuppa and home made goodies,

and remember, you don’t need to be a member to attend this class.


The voice of I.C.A. has remained a powerful influence in every community and Kilbehenny is no exception.

Long may I.C.A. continue to serve the women of Ireland.

Peace and prosperity to all I.C.A. members nationally.

Mary O'Brien,

Secretary    087 2422660









The Kilbehenny guild of the ICA is very much alive and well.  


We are a group of 17 members and are very active.


The present officers are as follows: 

President: Nan Downey

  Secretary: Mary O'Brien






Mass for Deceased ICA members


Please note that Mass for deceased members of Kilbehenny ICA

will be held in St. Joseph's Church, Kilbehenny on Saturday evening

11th November at 6pm.


All welcome to attend.   ICA monthly meeting to follow.